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Additional Services from Pathfinder Digital Marketing


Google My Business Management

In today’s digitally driven world, having a well-maintained Google My Business profile is crucial. This service ensures that your business not only appears in search results and on maps butstands out from the competition. Our team will set up and continuously update your business profile to include all the essential information your customers need. Regular maintenance from our experts guarantees that your business details are accurate, from opening hours to services offered, promoting better customer interaction and enhancing your local SEO.


SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital for any business aiming to increase its online visibility and attract more website traffic. At Pathfinder Digital Marketing, our SEO services are thorough and results-driven. We employ the latest strategies and tools to improve your website’s ranking on search engines like Google. This not only enhances your visibility but significantly boosts your chances of attracting more relevant visitors to your website


Consultation Services

Sometimes, all you need is expert advice to steer your digital marketing in the right direction. Our consultation service is a one-time offering that provides you with a comprehensive audit of your website or a detailed look at your analytics. We ensure everything is set up correctly—from your site’s SEO components to online permissions and passwords. This meticulous review helps identify any gaps in your digital marketing strategy and ensures you have a solid foundation to build upon.


Social Media Marketing

Social media is a powerful tool for building connections and engaging with your audience. Our social media marketing services encompass all aspects necessary for effective presence and engagement. This includes running targeted ads tailored to your specific audience to enhance reach and engagement. Additionally, if required, we manage your social media accounts, ensuring regular and relevant postings that resonate with your customers. This not only helps in keeping your audience engaged but also aids in building a robust digital footprint and community around your brand.

Ignite Your Brand’s Potential: Pathfinder Digital Marketing’s Additional Services

In today’s fiercely competitive digital landscape, standing out from the crowd is crucial for brands seeking success. With customers bombarded with countless messages daily, it’s more critical than ever to adopt a comprehensive marketing strategy that captivates attention and drives real results.

At Pathfinder Digital Marketing, our commitment extends beyond basic digital marketing strategies. Understanding the diverse needs of small to medium-sized businesses in Alabama and beyond, we offer a suite of additional services designed to optimize your digital presence and ensure your online operations run smoothly and efficiently. Here is an overview of the specialized services we provide

Elevate Your Marketing Strategy with Us!

At Pathfinder Digital Marketing, we understand that the landscape of digital marketing is ever- changing. Keeping up with the latest trends and adjustments in algorithms is our priority, so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Whether it’s through enhancing your local search presence via Google My Business, boosting your site’s SEO, providing strategic consultation, or managing your social media efforts, our goal is to help your business navigate the digital realm effectively.

Let’s improve your traffic goals Together

Complete website SEO audit

Our website SEO audit covers everything required for the most effective SEO, including onsite and offsite optimization, backlinks, site structure, content, and more.

Competitor SEO analysis

We dig into your top competitors doing well with SEO to find out what they have missed and how to implement them in your website. We check their onsite optimization techniques, target keywords, content, and backlinks to look for ways to help your site rank better.

Monthly reports

Transparency is vital to us, which is why we give a monthly report to let you know where you stand, what we do, and what we plan to do next. We hold monthly consultations with you to review the report and your key performance metrics and prepare for the next month.

Top-quality linking

We can help tell your story. We help your small businesses get heard across the internet with an optimized website and optimal online presence.


Onsite SEO includes the measures implemented in your website to improve its search engine rankings by optimizing your overall content quality, page performance, and content structure.

It depends on various factors like:

  • Having relevant, engaging, and helpful content that give people reason to visit your website and is essential to search results.
  • Targeted keywords that you want to rank for, which we include through the website. We do not overdo it because it is called keyword stuffing that is highly frowned upon and can hurt your site visibility.
  • Titles and title tags for individual pages affect your rankings. We make sure we add relevant keywords into the titles where possible.
  • Headings are important because search engines emphasize on them much more than other text on the site. We ensure your website content has the proper heading tags with relevant keywords.
  • URL structure is frequently overlooked and underused but has a tremendous influence on your SEO Results. We avoid generic URL strings but structure your URL with relevant keywords so that it’s easier for search engines to crawl on your site.
  • A meta description is the small blurb of information appearing under your page’s titles in search results. We ensure it’s filled with relevant keywords people are most likely to use during searches, to help increase your targeted website traffic.
  • Page load speed is important because each page should load in less than three seconds. Pages taking longer than that only frustrate your visitors and hurt your website performance. We use appropriate techniques like reducing the image size for quicker page loading.
  • Alt-text is your image text summary. We help boost your SEO rankings by including the right keywords in the alt text of all your site images.
  • Internal linking involves linking relevant website pages, making it easier for search engines to crawl and keep visitors engaged for more extended periods.

Offsite SEO Focuses more on leveraging other websites to improve your online position and search rankings based on a few factors like:

  • Backlinks, which are links to your site from other high-quality sites that help boost your site ranking and authority. We increase your backlinks by creating content other people want to share and submitting guest posts to trusted industry websites.
  • We use YouTube videos to publish engaging videos that link back to your site and positively impact your website’s SEO.
  • Our experts promote your content on your social media accounts to generate clicks to boost your website traffic and create link shares.
  • PPC is part of efficient SEO, which helps get visitors through good content that our PPC experts promote. It, in turn, results in more backlinks to your site.

Onsite and offsite SEO are both necessary to improve your website’s search engine rankings and create an easily found website. You need to initially focus on onsite SEO or your website content.

Once your content is optimized, we focus on offsite SEO to generate backlinks to your site and help build your site authority on your niche.

We are constantly asked if SEO is still worth it. The short answer is YES!

It’s, in fact, more critical now because of the recent Google algorithm updates and changes to Google search results pages. It’s just that the old SEO techniques that used to get results before don’t work anymore.

SEO requires more than good content, and we keep abreast with the latest onsite and offsite SEO techniques to ensure your website gets and maintains a good search engine ranking!

Elevate your online presence with us!

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