We're a Team of Expert Marketing Consultants, Passionate about Helping Your Business Grow

We will develop a customized business growth plan for your companies online reputation using a top notch marketing research.

We Boost Our Clients’ Website Bottom Line by Optimizing Their Growth Potential.

We’re YOUR Partner working for your website’s success.

We are focused on the design, development, and marketing of performance-minded small to mid-market business websites. We have worked with hundreds of clients across various industries over the years to bring out the best in their brand and online business.

Proprietary Processes

Our proprietary processes help create customized strategies that deliver revenue-generating digital marketing solutions for all types of small and mid-market businesses. We are passionate about helping businesses like yours, reaching their goals and use the best tools to keep track and report results.

Our Lead Digital Marketers


Senior Google PPC, Creative Director

Tim holds a 15+ year proven track record managing >$200k in monthly Google Ad budgets today. Using a mix of media and ad creative, his ads are meticulously on the mark. He delivers foot traffic, eComm sales, medical supplies sales and rentals, service orders, wholesale orders and more every day using data-led strategies.


"Tec Tony"
Owner, Google Date Engineer
Tony founded Pathfinder Digital Marketing 8 years ago. He specializes in incredibly easy-to-understand strategies for success in digital media and marketing. As a certified a Google Data Engineer, his company is ranked top 3% of agency in North America.
He is also going to be the biggest nerd you will ever meet.


Websites, Social Media, Videos

Taylor has served in nearly every role in digital marketing throughout her 14 years in the industry, but in the end, it was the creative aspects of design that captured her heart and passion for digital marketing. "Having a way to objectively measure if your art choices rein supreme over other choices you could have made has always fascinated me."

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Please leave it to us to optimize your company Google ads reach and campaign.

Secured Marketing Growth

We look at the big picture and focus on quick wins to increase customer acquisition, lead, and sales.

Google Analytics
& Tracking Set Up

Unlock Insights: Google Analytics Setup & Advanced Tracking with Google Tag Manager.

Website Design/Build

Customized website design services with an optimized online presence.

We offer a free consultation.